You can't ask me that! I like them for different reasons.

I love how Ebert is an inanimate object that is the main character - but

then I love the complexities and purpose built characters from rods or Bunraku.

           Key words: 'bizzare', 'va va voom' and 'I'm sure it will be fine!'

                      Everything but make the puppets! Writing plays/composing songs, directing, design, film and bringing to life the memorable puppets through

character exploration and choreography.

                     The belief that my teddies were real haha! I

was always making my own entertainment as a kid creating little puppet shows,

radio shows, short films, loved creative writing, singing, dancing etc,.  

My puppetry passion really took off moving to the city seeing so much amazing work; when Rachel and I made Tipsville and I did The Long String Marionette course at The Little Angel Theatre - the love for it continues to grow.

                      Getting a cramp puppeteering on stage. Bellina looked like she fainted and so I got Mort to help her regain consciousness.

The show must go on!


Ellie Redshaw

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Funniest moment on stage?

What got you into puppetry?

What do you do at CAPTCHA?

Favourite Puppet?

Favourite Saying?

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