Little Pigs

The classic tale of ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ is reimagined with puppets!

Milo, Ralphie and Cloggs have been very naughty and Granny is at the end of her tether but can they build their houses in time or will The big bad wolf and his sidekick Scabz get to them first?

The adventure is brought to life with singing, dancing and family fun.

DSC_1331 Little pigs group photo.jpg-large
  • Approx Running time 45 minutes

  • Fun for all ages but especially under 6s.

  • Only requires a plug socket and a space. 

"What made this production stand out is this team of ladies clearly understand their audience..."

- Sarah Cantrill, Story Storks

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The Voices behind the Puppets ..

Josh Mathieson as Milo

Sam Gibbons as Squirrel Napkin and Ralphie

Joe Gibbons as Cloggs and The Big Bad Wolf

Keiran Lowers As Granny Pig