Has to be when my nose fell off 30 seconds into the show !!

               Animal from the muppets,

he's a drummer like me who is wild but lovable!

I can't pick out of our guys thats like choosing a favourite child!

              ohh you pain in the patoosh! - oh Kappoey  (I do not know where these sayings came from but I have plenty!)

                            I'm the builder! Editing, designing you name it! We constantly bounce ideas off eachother so the final piece is a wonderful colaboration.- though our meetings last hours! I love drawing new characters and then bringing them to life and  Yes we act and puppeteer but the building and running around backstage its just as much fun. especially when your the techi too!                              

Favourite puppet?

Rachel Cash

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What is you role within the company?

Favourite saying?

What was your funniest moment on stage?


What got you into puppetry?

                      My sister used to entertain me when we were kids with Foxy and she would make me laugh so hard I couldnt breath. When the opportunity came to try and get my teddy to come alive I jumped at the chance  especially when I was told it was too hard to do. Now i just want to learn as much as I can about all types of puppetry and how to make them!